As an independent advisory firm, Cypress is not beholden to any firm’s investment products.  Thus we select funds from any fund family that we believe offer the best investment option for our clients. And most often, Dimensional is that best option. Dimmensional relies on emperical evidence and decades of academic, peer-reviewed research to build and manage their funds. With some of the brightest minds in finance leading the way, DFA identifies the primary sources of return in the market, and seeks to capture such returns in the most efficient (low-costs, low taxes) way possible. 




BAM is one of the nation's largest providers of outsourcing solutions to fiduciary-minded, independent Registered Investment Advisors throughout the country. Their back-office support allows us the freedom to provide our clients with personalized care and prudent advice. In addition, The BAM Alliance grants us access to a nationwide network of like-minded colleagues with the added benefit of remaining a wholly indepedent firm. chuck-logo2

Schwab Instituional serves as the custodian to accounts we manage on your behalf. While you grant us Limited Power of Attorney to execute trades, accounts are held in your name. 


We utilize the Advisors Access platform for proper and prudent 401(k) management. Advisors Access gives our clients access to some of the most sought-after investment vehicles in the world without the hidden fees that plague the typical 401(k). Since we serve as both ERISA 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciaries, plan sponsors and participants have a legal guarantee that their interests rest at the forefront of all decision-making.