Our in-depth initial conversations are the first step in establishing a relationship with you.  The purpose of this process is to understand your unique goals, your past investment experiences, your view of risk, and the ultimate uses and purposes of your wealth.

Articulating your goals and aspirations – and establishing them in writing – will foster a disciplined commitment to your chosen investment strategy despite constantly fluctuating markets.  The clearer you are about your goals, the easier it will be t stick to your plan.  And the more you stick to your plan, the more certain the outcome will be.

We are committed to sharing with you our knowledge of markets, investor behavior, the financial planning industry, and all aspects of our investment strategies and philosophy.  This beings with our initial conversations and continues throughout our relationship with you and those important to you.

Maintaining discipline during extreme markets, both up and down, is never easy.  Yet our promise to you, and one of our greatest responsibilities, requires that we sustain our focus and keep our heads even when those around us are losing theirs.  But maintaining our discipline is not enough.  We must also effectively counsel you during difficult times to ensure that well-considered long-term plans are not thrown aside in moments of destructive panic.

Investors and advisors alike tend to act rationally and make sound decisions during periods of relative market stability.  But when markets become extreme, investors often react impulsively, irrationally, and emotionally.  Traditional Wall Street firms and advisors tend to exploit emotional vulnerability to sell products and new investment schemes.

At Cypress Asset Management, Inc., we offer our clients knowledge, no hype.  We don’t facilitate bad behavior and we don’t succumb to is ourselves.  By turning out the noise of erratic, short-term market behavior and the predications of market pundits, we can focus on making sure that markets reward you over time.

Seeking, employing and communicating evidence-based investment principles and research are the core of our services to you.