Although each client receives personalized service according to his or her unique needs and preferences, we follow a similar process in working with all new clients. Our annual fee covers all ten of these services.

  1. Define the client’s financial goals. What do you want the money to do for you? What investment returns are required to meet those goals?
  2. Determine an appropriate level of risk for your portfolio. Consider your ABILITY (time horizon), WILLINGNESS (personal comfort level), and NEED (returns necessary to reach goals), to take risk.
  3. Develop a broadly diversified asset allocation and document it in an Investment Policy Statement. Investing is a long-term endeavor; a written IPS guides us in the many short-term decisions necessary along the way.
  4. Evaluate how well your current investments fit this plan. Consider the investments’ asset class, cost, recent performance, and tax basis.
  5. Implement the plan. Use the best available combination of your current investments and passive institutional mutual funds and ETFs as building blocks.
  6. Monitor the plan. Use detailed quarterly reporting and quarterly meetings with you to help maintain the discipline of adhering to the plan in both positive and adverse market conditions.
  7. Regularly rebalance the portfolio to maintain your desired asset allocation and obtain higher expected returns.
  8. Tax-manage the portfolio. Harvest tax losses and provide complete gain / loss information to your income tax preparer.
  9. Adjust the IPS as required by changes in life circumstances and goals.
  10. Provide continuous investment education through newsletters, seminars, and individual meetings.