After you’re on track with your investments, then what? Sooner or later, you’ll want to connect your assets with the rest of your life. That’s what advanced planning is for. Beyond investment management alone, Cypress Asset Management, Inc. is positioned to identify all of your financial challenges, determine the best strategy to address them, and bring in the right products and right services to convert advanced planning into today’s actions within four key areas:

Wealth Enhancement

Closely related to investment management, wealth enhancement is the process of improving cash flow, minimizing taxes, eliminating extra costs and maximizing your after-tax wealth in accordance with your personal goals.

Wealth Transfer

Preserve your legacy in a manner consistent with your intentions, using an approach designed to prepare you and your heirs for a successful transition. We will provide solutions toward building today for an enduring legacy.

Wealth Protection

After you’ve worked so hard to accumulate your wealth, you don’t want to lose it to unexpected misfortune. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your most likely and/or alarming risk exposures, and we facilitate cost-effective strategies to protect you against them.


If you seek to elevate your life’s interests and activities through a charitable giving program, we can serve as your ally to maximize the value of your generosity -- for you, your family and your benefactors