A well-defined process is vital to bringing discipline and accountability to our relationship with you.  We transcend mere asset allocation strategy and offer a clear path toward assessing your values and goals, identifying deficiencies, and developing solutions to deliver an excellent experience for you and your family.

  1. Discovery – The discovery process helps you clarify your financial and non-financial goals.  It establishes the groundwork for continued dialog between you and us regarding your dreams and aspirations amid life’s changes.
  2. Planning – Our role is to develop a short- and long-range strategy that offers you an authentic chance to reach your goals.  To accomplish this, we draw on the expertise of professionals such as estate planning attorneys, life and healthcare insurance specialists and tax planning professionals.
  3. Implementation – Implementing the plan is essential to your financial success.  We offer a straightforward, uncomplicated approach to put the plan into action.
  4. Monitoring – We continually work with you to reassess your plan amid life’s many changes.  This includes attention to portfolio rebalancing over the course of market fluctuation and providing quarterly reports. 

As your family's primary trusted advisor, we will help you understand and evaluate the many important financial decisions that affect you and your family over time.

We will help you define your financial goals and provide you with input and analysis regarding your overall asset allocation, debt structure, retirement savings, and other areas of your personal financial situation. We will develop a plan to help you reach your goals, and adapt your plan as your circumstances change over time and as new challenges and opportunities emerge.

We will also interact with your other advisors—such as your attorney, accountant, mortgage broker, and insurance agent—to make sure that proper planning is done and effective implementation takes place. We can either work with your existing advisors or provide referrals to those we work with regularly.

We think you will appreciate having an experienced and trusted advisor you can count on to help you make smart financial decisions. We take pride in responding quickly to client issues as they arise, as well as proactively planning in anticipation of changes before they occur.