MalkielPrinceton economist Burton Malkiel says simplicity is key to a successful portfolio. He discusses emerging markets, index funds, and more with Eric Schurenberg.

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How will 401(k) investors react to the latest blast of volatility in the markets?

If the recent past is any guide, they will retreat into the apparent safety of cash, Treasury bonds and “stable value” mutual funds.

They also will put money into their own company’s stock, which can be far riskier than leaving it in a typical stock mutual fund.



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What’s in Your View Finder?

Weston Wellington
October 19, 2011
Down to the Wire: What’s in Your View Finder?

Down to the Wire: What’s in Your View Finder? (PDF)

He is no longer with us, and the world is poorer for it.

A restless college dropout, he founded a wildly successful company whose innovative products touched millions of lives. He was a brilliant, dictatorial, and


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