Cypress Asset Management, the Peoria –based Registered Investment Advisory firm is bringing Larry Swedroe, one of the most well known authors of evidence based investing to be the speaker 6th of October, at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute on the campus of Bradley University. 

Swedroe is the BAM Alliance Advisor Services Director of Research and has spent his time, talent, and energy educating investors about evidence-based investing. Larry was among the first to publish a book that explained the science of investing in layman’s terms. Many investors debate whether we should be content with the same returns as the market at large (i.e. “beta”) or whether we should work to beat the market (i.e. “alpha”). Larry regularly reviews the findings from numerous academic financial papers, and he has concluded that it is harder and harder to beat the market, for a number of reasons that he will explain in this lecture. 

Larry’s newest book, The Incredible Shrinking Alpha: And What You Can Do to Escape Its Clutches, was co-authored with Andrew Berkin and published in January 2015. Cypress Asset Management will distribute 100 copies of this book to people who attend this lecture. 

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